Sales of industrial dust collecting fans and blowers, pneumatic conveying vacuum high volume fans and high pressure blowers. Engineering of radial blower fans, conveying blowers, high pressure turbo blowers and centrifugal dust handling pressure blowers and fan ventilators.


Manufacturers of heavy-duty industrial dut collectros and fume extractors, dust extracting systems, flue gas incinerators and combustion pressure blower systems, blowers and fans for ovens and dryers, dust collectin baghouses, cyclone dust collectors, air & fume exhaust blower / fan systems, industrial ventilating air exhaust systems, fume and dusct exhaust blowers, fans, ventilators
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   Special Products
Centrifugal fans are offered at Canadian Blower with wheel diameters ranging from 5 inches to 85 inches in both belt driven and direct driven centrifugal fans.
Plastec ventilation fan
Fume Hood
Cyclone dust collectors
Cyclone Separators
dust collectro fans
Mobile Dust Collectors
Fume wet scrubber
Fume Scrubber
Designers of welding fume and smoke fan / blower ventilators, Canada Blower air compressure blowers, high temperature industrial air exhaust systems, conveyor dust collectors, heat treating conveyorized ovens and dryers for industry, custom build air dryer fans, industrial vacuums and pneumatic conveyors, air and gas dryer ventilators, cyclone and bag dust collectors, industrial cartrige dust collectors, air cyclones, food oven conveyors and dryers, Canada Blower stainless steel blower & fan systems.

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Sales engineers for high temperature oven circulating fans, sandblast blowers, stainless steel fans blowers, vacuum blowers, corrosion resistand fans, chemical resistant blowers, air table blowers, Aerovent Fan ventilators, fume fans, high temperature fans & blowers, Industrial Air Products fans, LAU ventilators, CBC fans, Peerless Blower fans, high vacuum fans, wall fan ventilators, power roof vantilator fans
Canada Blower is a leading North American supplier of industrial ventilation equipment: all types of industrial process and OEM blowers, general building ventilation fans, mancooler ventilators. We are experts in industrial process air and gas moving and heat transfer equipment. Canada Blower specializes in high temperature industrial oven and furnace circulating fans: heavy-duty plug fans and high temperature air kits; combustion pressure blowers, pneumatic conveying fans and vacuum blowers, dust collection and fume extraction fans, severe duty material conveying blowers with paddle wheels, building ventilation wall and roof exhaust and air supply ventilators, fans for air make-up air-handling units, industrialheated and non-heated air curtains and environmental air barriers, industrial process air knives, air canons and blow-off air systems for industrial process colling and liquids blowoff, corrosion resistant and chemical resistant fans for chemical, food, gas and petro chemical industries, spark-resistant fans and explosion proof ventilators, industrial flue gas exhaust fans and emission control blowers, energy recovery ventilators, air-make-up airhandling units, industrial process heating and cooling equipment, heat transfer fans and energy recovery ventilators, industrial process and general air-handling heat exchangers, finned coild for cooling and heating, power steam humidifiers. Canada Blower is a North American distributor of industrial OEM fans, blowers, ventilators, as well as Canada Blower fan components: blower impellers, high temperature fan wheels, ventilator blades, fan housings, fan shaft and bearings coolers; super high temperature furnace fans, super high pressure gas and air transfer blowers, dust collector and fume extractor fan components, industrial vacuum systems blowers, high air velocity and high pressure air knives, fume and gas wet scrubber high pressure blowers, positive-displacement / multi-stage / side channel regenerative pressure blowers, large building air circulation fans, duct ventilators, inline axial fans, centrifugal blowers with various Canada Blower wheel designs.

Canada Blower MHO Industrial Radial Paddle Fan: The open type radial paddle fan wheel design is extremely rugged using heavy-gauge steel components which are jig assembled for accuracy and consistency. All blower wheels are welded with care to insure the maximum in strength and reliability. MHO fan wheels are suitable for general handling of coarse, sticky, heavy, and / or abrasive materials.

Canada Blower MHR Industrial Radial Paddle Fan: The MHR wheel is similar to the MHO blower wheel, with the addition of end rings. MHR blower construction is standard on size 26 and larger Class 3 fans. MHR blower wheels are suitable for general handling of coarse, sticky, heavy, and/or abrasive materials.

Canada Blower MHA Industrial Radial Air Handling Fan: The MHA wheel is a more efficient type of blower wheel and is used when handling relatively clean air, fumes, vapor exhaust, and air with a light contaminant. The fan wheel is constructed with heavy-gauge blades welded to both backplate and front ring.
Canada Blower MHW Industrial Radial Backplate Wool Wheel: The MHW blower wheel is constructed to prevent paper shreddings, threads from buffing system exhaust, and other similar matter from hanging up on and wrapping around the spiders and fan blades. Fan applications include long, stringy or fibrous materials.

MHP Industrial Radial Paper Handling Wheel: This modified MHW fan wheel features trapezoidal gussets for the extra rugged construction necessary when handling corrugated paper trims, fibrous material, metal trim, and other high impact loading material. A paper deflector cone over the face of the hub helps prevent wrapping of paper around the hub or leading edge of the blower blades. All MHP fans are supplied with bearing stop blocks and a relieved inlet transition. The relieved inlet transition smooths the flow of paper trim and similar material through the fan.