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Tubeaxial fan ventilators
Axial flow fans designed and built with duct housing for general ventilation purposes using ductworks, where large volume of air is moved at static pressures not exceeding 3" WG.

Sales of Chicago Blower, Canada corrosion resistant, high pressure and high temperature sealed fan/blower ventilators.
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Quick delivery of portable ventilation blowers, ventilating fans, industrial centrifugal exhaust fans, heavy duty exhaust ventilators, duct fan blowers, high pressure pressure blowers, restaurant kitchen exhaust fans UL762 / UL705, squirrel cage ventilators, garage exhaust fans, dust collection fans, shop exhaust ventilators, blow off pressure blowers, fune exhaust fans, ventilator blades, oven ventilators.

Canada Blower wall mounted FF filtered fan is designed for supply applications requiring low volumes of filtered air at low pressures. Each Canada Blower ventilator consists of a fan section, filter section, and motor guard. The fan section includes a direct drive panel fan constructed of heavy-gauge steel and equipped with a statically and dynamically balanced cast aluminum fan propeller

The aluminum fan propeller is suitable for medium temperature ranges and mildly corrosive atmospheres. Canada Blower fan propellers are equipped with malleable iron split taper bushings to assure perfect alignment and positive locking of the propeller to the fan shaft.