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Industrial pressure blowers, commercial ventilation fans, high-temperature industrial centrifugal pressure blowers, Buffalo Blower pressure blowers.

Wall prop fans Canada Blower
Axial ventilators with square mounting  panel. These fans are widely used in many commercial and industrial places for general ventilation in factories, warehouses, foundry, laundry, agricultural and institutional establishments requiring large volume of air at atmospheric pressure. Made with wall mounting panel or ceiling mount as exhaust or air supply fan. As air circulators these fans are constructed as yoke mount, with pedestal, and mobile with pedestal and casters. For special ventilation application requirements, Canada Blower offers hot dipped galvanized construction (fan housing only), all aluminum ventilator construction and various coatings and options applied directly to the fan and propeller.

Canada Blower panel fan is alsodesigned for general ventilation and process cooling involving the movement of clean, ambient temperature air. Typical Canada Blower fan applications include air filter units, casting cooling, cold room circulation, condensation control, electrical panel & transformer cooling, elimination of heat stratification, greenhouse ventilation, non-corrosive fume exhaust, parking garages, and washed parts drying.

  1. Panel prop fans are designed to operate as air circulators and can be mounted in any possible position.
  2. Wall mount panel fans are manufactured either as air make-up or exhaust ventilators.
  3. Ceiling mounted panel fans - manufactured either as air supply or exhaust ventilators.
  4. Pedestal fans or mobile air circulators or mancoolers are propeller ventilators used as air circulators.

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CBD centaxial fan is designed for continuous duty operation in air moving systems handling clean air. Typical fan applications are industrial space ventilation exhaust or supply, industrial fume ventilation (where a suitable coating has been applied if the fumes are corrosive), air make-up, air conditioning, evaporative cooling, heat recovery systems, or as an exhaust fan on the clean air side of certain types of dust collectors and air scrubbers.

Canada Blower CBD features Canada Blower BI backward inclined airfoil fan wheel for non-overloading blower performance, high operating efficiency and low fan noise. The CBD Canada Blower ventilator provides straight-through airflow and can be installed directly in a straight duct having the same size and shape fan inlet and outlet.

Canada Blower Centaxial fans are designed for continuous duty in air moving systems handling clean air. Typical blower applications would be:

• Industrial space ventilation exhaust or supply
• Industrial fume ventilation (where a suitable coating has been applied if the fumes are corrosive)
• Air make-up
• Air conditioning
• Evaporative cooling
• Heat recovery systems
• As an exhaust fan on the clean air side of certain types of collectors and scrubbers