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Canadian Blower OEM industrial fans, roof and wall exhausters, ventilating and air-conditioning equipment.

Industrial paddle fan blower
A centrifugal fan has a central hub with several blades at a right angle. Sometimes called a blower, a scroll-shaped structure houses the fan assembly. It increases the incoming pressure of the air or gas and forces it in another direction. The flow rates of centrifugal fans are lower than axial fans, but the pressures are higher. We can alter the design to change the performance of the centrifugal fan, creating different pressures and airflow.

Centrifugal blowers with various types of radial impellers are commonly built as AIR HANDLER and MATERIAL HANDLER.

  1. Air-handling fans are designed to move air or gas at high pressure. Application of these fans are in the areas of pollution control and other special equipment.
  2. Material handling fans are designed for use in air containing fibers, stringy and granular materials, as well as dust.
  3. High pressure blowers are used in the applications requiring lowIndustrial process high pressure blower or moderate air volume at pressure ranging up to 150 inches of water column. Typical applications include industrial combustion, pneumatic conveying, blast furnaces, air scrubbers, and many other special applications.

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AMX Mixed Flow Fan combines the benefits of axial flow and centrifugal flow fans. The Canada Blower AMX ventilator has the advantage of a compact design and straight-through airflow as well as the preferred acoustic characteristics and high pressure ventilation capability.

CA aluminum pressure blower is designed to provide low volume, high pressure air for cooling, ventilating and exhaust systems which handle dust, materials or corrosive fumes. The Canada Blower CA blower is available in seven housing sizes that can be fitted with multiple blower wheel and inlet configurations to meet any fan performance requirement.

Canada Blower cast Aluminum Pressure Blowers are the perfect choice for providing low volume, high pressure air for cooling, ventilating and exhaust systems which handle dust, materials or corrosive fumes. Canada Blower direct drive (CA) or belt driven (CABD) pressure blowers feature heavy duty cast aluminum blower housings with cast aluminum wheels for extra long life and trouble-free service.

Pneumatic conveying embraces both dust collecting and air conveying. In a typical system the amount of material transported is low compared to the amount of air used. Usually, a large quantity of fast-flowing air is needed to assure entrainment of material. Consequently, the materials moved have little effect on the performance of the fan.