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Backward inclined fan blower
Designed and built with higher pressure fan wheels than axial flow fans. Centrifugal fans operate at elevated pressures but with lesser air volume  compared to axial flow fans. There are three basic fan wheels: the forward curved, backward curved, and the radial blower wheel make up the family of the centrifugal flow fans.

Industrial forward curved centrifugal fan
Forward curved centrifugal fans - centrifugal  fans with blades pointing in the direction of the fan rotation. Due to the large volume and high pressure delivery of forward curved fans, these fans are very compact and operate at low speed that ensures quiet fan operation. Typical applications are: heating and air-conditioning, ventilation, and other HVAC systems requiring quiet operation with large volume of air to be moved at high pressures.

Backwardly curved centrifugal fans - centrifugal flow fans with blades inclining backward from the direction of wheel rotation. This type of fan wheel have to be operated at higher speed in order to achieve the same volume and pressure as the forward curved fans of the same size. The main advantage of the backwardly curve fan is its non-overloading performance curve characteristics.

Radial fan blower
Radial blade fans - with the same wheel diameter size as the forward and backwardly inclined fans, the radial fans develop the least volume. Pressure is higher than the backward curved but lower than the forward curved fans. This type of fan find wide use in high pressure and high temperature industrial process applications.

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Canada Blower Co. is a well known designer and manufacturer of industrial blow-off air-knife systems.

Many industrial fan / blower manufacrurers that traditionally were using compressed air for their blow-off needs realize the problem stemmed from their use of compressed air. Employees using compressed air guns were unable to completely blow off cleaner / phosphate solution from steel parts surface as they emerge at high speed from industrial washer. Moreover, the cost to make the compressed air is excessive. Compressed air may be the most expensive product a plant can make using electricity; so that using of compressed air for blow-off applications is considered by many industrial users as "just one huge air leak".

Another common problem at industrial plants is lack of space to establish a normal drying line, forcing them to look for a blowoff method that could be installed in an absolute minimum of space.

Canada Blower Co. has developed an universal blow-off air-knife system that includes a super high pressure single stage centrifugal pressure blower ans a system of tube-type slot air knives, that completely replaces traditional compressed air blowoff systems, and save money due to much higher operating efficiency. A flexible PVC pipe is sued to feed Air Knives from the outlet og high pressure blower. Adjustble slot opening at each air-knife enables to regulate the air velocity and volume, as well as "focus" air blow off blower system on a certain distance from a flat surface that has to be dryed. If necessary an additional air damper at the blower can be added fro more flexibility. An inlet blower Filter helps to eleiminate any dust and solid particles inside the blower and air knives. Typical air velocity at the exit from Air Knife reaches 30,000 - 40,000 feet per minute, that provides efficient flowoff effect even with relatively high-speed conveyor lines.

A specially designed support system for Air Knives also allows for directional adjustment of the air flow around moving parts. With this elaborated air adjustment system it is easy for an employee to re-direct blow-off air to handle whatever industrial process configuration is being run at any given time.

An added bonus is that Canada Blower AirKnife System lets its customers free up at least 80% of an employee's time. For manufacturers running two or three shifts a day, those man-hour savings add up to substantial cost savings.

The maintenance of the system is minimal, it consists of air filter replacing ones in few months... it takes may be ten minutes... that's all the regular maintenance that the blowoff system requires.

Standard material of Air-Knife construction includes a mild steel pressure blower and aluminum air-knife body with steel powder coated or stainless steel support columns. But some tough industrial applications might necessiate using of stainless steel air knives or stainless blowers, that are available from Canada Blower too; as well as inline De-Ionizing accessory.

Canada Blower Co. is a world's leading designer and manufacturer of high-penetration air-knives for a variety of industrial process air moving applications:
* Liquids Blow-Off Devices 
* Fast Air Cooling
* Conveyor Belt Cleaning
* Process Air Curtains
* Conveyor Dryers

for a number of industries and ventilation applications:
- automotive parts production;
- beverage bottles conveyor drying;
- plastic industry; 
- glass manufacturing blow off and cooling;
- pallets cleaning;
- industrial air-curtains for fume separation .

Air knives are available in extruded aluminum, welded steel, stainless steel, plastic construction; lengths from 12" to 144"; air velocities up to 40,000 Ft/min; adjustable slot opening, flexible support structures; precise focusing systems.

For special applications Canada Blower offer air canons and air nozzles to achieve turbulent high velocity air flow.