Sales of heavy duty large industrial, big commercial and OEM ventilation fans, blowers and ventilators. Ventilation OEM engineers of OEM and chemical duty sealed fans and blowers. Suppliers of oven circulating and exhaust high temperature fans and ventilators - New York Blower, Twin City Fan, NYB, Chicago Blower and Northern Blower ventilation fans.


Leading Manufacturer of Industrial Fans and Blowers
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   About Oleg Blower Corporation
  Sales of regenerative blowers, high pressure ventilators, positive displacement pressure blowers.

Oleg Blower Corporation is one of the North America's leaders in providing industrial air movement equipments - fans, blowers, ventilators. We have established  long-standing relationships with many of the industry leading fan companies.

Our goal is to deliver highest quality fan / blower products and superb service support to our customers. This insures the highest level of our industrial process and OEM customer's satisfaction. We are committed in providing excellent services to our customers, from quotation to the equipment installation and its service.

Today our production is growing, as more and more satisfied customers come back to us. Our commitment to quality service has ensured that we now receive orders from a wide spectrum of industries.

Industrial and commercial fans and blowers

Founded 1995
Sales of industrial fans & blowers, high pressure blowers, centrifugal fans, axial ventilators, roow and wall exhaust and supply fans, material handling blowers & radial fans, scroll cage fan ventilators, high temperature fans and blowers, New York Blower, Twin City Fan / Aerovent, Chicago Blower fans, Peerless Fans, Dayton Ventilators, Sheldons fans & blowers, Canarm Leader ventilators, IAP fans, Industrial Air.
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Canada Blower Indsutrial Air Curtains with the following features:
- Industrial and commercial air curtains for up to 16 Feet door width, and up to 30 Feet door height;
- Conventional centrifugal and tangential laminar air flow designs;
- Heated and non-heated models available;
- Control panel options;
- Efficient for wind stop and insect control applications;
- Attractive design for institutional and commercial buildings;
- Various configurations available - top mounted, single side or both sides mounting;
- Easy fan installation;
- For surface blow-off applications we offer our line of industrial process air knife blowers.
- industrial and commercial fans and blowers;
- air handling units;
- heat exchangers;
- fume extractor fans;
- dust collectors, air scrubbers.